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Dr. Phillip M. Adams works at Tra Vinh University

(TVU)- Dr. Phillip M. Adams, American expert in Physics, Biology, Laws and Educational Science paid his working visit to Tra Vinh University in September, 2017.  

Phillip M.Adams lam viec tai DHTV-003

 This working visit focused much more on experience sharing and training on registration of patent right, intellectual property, and medical informatics-IT Application in Medicine for staff and faculty members of TVU School of Engineering and Technology. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh highly evaluated important initiatives and considerable supports of Dr. Phillip M. Adams to TVU during the last time.

 TVU leaders suggested the step-by-step undertaking of work based on Dr. Phillip M. Adams’ initiatives, to which are good opportunities for faculty, staff and students to approach including makerspace, startups orientation and solutions.   

Regarding the TVU websites, Dr. Phillip M. Adams said that this is an effective communication channel as it helps popularize students’ graduation theses and increase more collaborative opportunity through its websites. 

 As part of this visit, Dr. Phillip M. Adams offered TVU School of Engineering and Technology electrical devices which are equivalent to 10,000 USD.

Taking this opportunity, Chairman of Tra Vinh provincial People’s Committee offered acknowledgement certificate to Dr. Phillip M. Adams for his contributions to the educational development of Tra Vinh province.  

Phillip M.Adams lam viec tai DHTV-001